Jury Acquits Ex-Cop In Sex Case With Normandy High Student

While still acting as a resource officer, in Wellston, 30 year old Ronald Freeman was accused of engaging in sexual acts with a Normandy High School student. The accuser was 20 at the time of the alleged "forced encounter," and finishing up her last year at Normandy.

After the allegations had begun, Freeman admitted to engaging with the accuser in consensual sex, but only one time and at her apartment. She, however, claims that there had been many of the aforementioned encounters; 3 or 4, one of which led to the "forced sex act" mentioned in the initial report. The event that motivated the case took place while he was on duty and in the back of his patrol vehicle.

The important thing to note is that the prosecuting attorneys were unable to present any valid evidence pointing to Freeman being privy to the fact that the accuser was a student at the time of the encounter.

The, now, 24 year old accuser had failed to appear in court to resume the cross-examination (after Circuit Judge Joseph L. Walsh III suspended her testimony the day prior). This allowed for a lot of speculation in the courtroom as to the validity of the accuser’s claims. Freeman’s case, represented by N. Scott Rosenblum, had resulted in an acquittal.

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