Second Man Charged In Fight Outside St. Louis Nightclub

On September 26, 2013, Denis Topalovic was found not guilty after a four day jury trial in the Circuit Court of St. Louis City. Topalovic was accused of Assault in the First Degree and Armed Criminal Action in connection with a fight that occurred May 1, 2011, outside of Club Europe on N. 15th Street, at 2 a.m. The allegations were that during the fight Blake Canatser was kicked in the head by Topalovic, leaving him in a coma for several weeks and causing significant brain damage. Scott Rosenblum, argued that it was result of Mr. Topalovic rightfully defending himself, and that the injury occurred while Mr. Topalovic defended himself or by falling on pavement and striking his head. Not the kick.

Second man charged in fight outside St. Louis nightclub