Multiple St. Louis County Cops Having DWI Scrapes

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On behalf of Rosenblum Schwartz & Fry posted in Drug Crimes on Tuesday, July 31, 2018.

Talk about unforgiving.

If you believe that the aftermath of a drunk driving conviction in Missouri is generally marked by dire unpleasantries (and it is certainly reasonable to think so), imagine the perspective of a St. Louis metro police officer who is charged with a DWI offense.

Any such officer has reason to be discouraged by what is potentially forthcoming in the wake of a drunk driving charge.

Two words: job loss.

A St. Louis County cop convicted of DWI need look no further than to words uttered by Police Chief Jon Belmar for confirmation that a job is often on the line following a drinking-linked conviction.

“We have a track record,” says Belmar, “and we demonstrate that most of our officers don’t survive a DWI offense.”


That is stringent “justice,” to be sure, and a clear admonition to area law enforcers to be exceedingly careful in their behind-the-wheel behavior.

A recent media article reports that a county police officer arrested on a DWI charge a few days ago was the fifth county cop to suffer that fate so far this year.

Belmar’s words go beyond being simply a pointed reproach to inebriated police officers in cars. Indeed, they serve as a strong reminder of the harsh outcome generally for any Missouri resident who is convicted of drunk driving. We underscore on our website at the St. Louis criminal defense law firm of Rosenblum Schwartz & Fry the reality linked with a DWI charge, namely, that “the personal and financial consequences are serious.”

Our attorneys work diligently on behalf of Missouri drivers facing behind-the-wheel alcohol offenses, with our advocacy geared in every instance toward best-case outcomes.

There is often much that an experienced attorney can do to mitigate the downsides of a DWI charge. We welcome contacts to our firm to discuss our representation of motorists who need knowledgeable and aggressive legal help.