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Google Reviews


★★★★★ (2 weeks ago)
"Scott Free is a excellent attorney. Expensive, but you get what you pay for."


★★★★★ (5 months ago)
"If u wanna stay out of jail come here"

Scott McKinney

★★★★★ (January 1, 2020)
"I have used this law firm in the past, and came back to them when I was in need of legal guidance because of their diligence and professionalism. Matt Fry put my mind at ease after our initial meeting and gave me the confidence I needed to let go of the anxiety that legal troubles can cause an individual. Highly recommend this law firm and Matt Fry especially."

Private Person

★★★★★ (5 months ago)
"Matt Fry is an amazing attorney. I found myself in an unfortunate situation where I had made a mistake and faced a serious legal issue. Matt was able to analyze the case, and realize that there was pending litigation in the Missouri Supreme Court that could directly effect the outcome of my case. Where a lessor attorney may not have even been aware of the pending case and would have advised me to take a plea deal. Because of his knowledge, Matt has able to navigate the legal system effectively so the Supreme Court decision could be used in my case and ultimately got the charges reduced to something insignificant. His advice and counsel was valuable and reassuring. He always returned my phone calls and texts in a timely manner. If you ever find yourself in a situation similar to mine, you want Matt in your corner."

Justice 4All

★★★★★ (a month ago)
"Ben Borgmeyer is the attorney you want from this office. He listens and will carefully read all the documentation. Ben found something that all ten of our other lawyers missed and saved the day! You can trust Ben Borgmeyer with your life. He will fight for you when others will try to force you to plea! Highly recommend!wish we would of paid the money and started with Ben first!"

rebecca kaelin

★★★★★ (4 month ago)
"Scott is the absolute best in the business! And to the people who gave poor reviews to the firm because they felt Scott passed them off to another attorney in his office I say to them, learn to communicate with your attorney. Scott is extremely busy, but if you request that you only want to be represented by him, he will be more than happy to accommodate."

Eli Karabell

★★★★★ (a month ago)
"Great attorneys and very experienced, they deliver results. - EBK l"

Sejla Mustafic

★★★★★ (9 month ago)
"Scott Rosenblum is an amazing attorney. A family member of mine was wrongfully accused of a felony in early December. Mr. Rosenblum made sure charges were not filed and today, we got word that the case was dismissed. This man is crazy good at what he does! He managed to restore our family life in a little over a month. We will be eternally grateful. His rates are high, but his services are worth every penny."

leonard ambrose

★★★★★ (9 month ago)
"When you need the best criminal law firm that you can 100% count on, call RSF Law!"


★★★★★ (9 month ago)
"When you meed the best. Scott is the best"

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Facebook Reviews

Gabe Ashkanazi

★★★★★ (February 8)
"I would like to give my personal recommendation for Mr. Greg Wittner and the law firm of Rosenblum, Schwartz & Fry. I have known Mr. Wittner for more than 12 years to date. He is an extremely talented lawyer, a trusted adviser, and an extremely patient and hard working man. I have personally used his services over and over again, and have continued to refer friends, family, and colleagues to him for more than a decade. He has never turned down a case big or small. He continues to handle each and every person as if it was the only case in his workload. He is the man that you want fighting in your corner whether you are facing a criminal or business regulatory matter. His communication is stellar, and he ensures you understand what is happening at each and every turning point in your individual case. I will never reach out to any lawyer ever besides Mr. Greg Wittner. Thank you for everything Greg."

Toni Gones

★★★★★ (January 20, 2018)
"After being represented by Joel Schwartz, I will never go to another lawyer for any legal matters. I don’t care if he decides to retire today I would have to drag him out of retirement. Obviously, It would be an understatement to say that I am satisfied with his legal services. Without discussing any details of my case; lets just say I have a second chance at life and I owe this to Joel. If you're reading this right now because you are looking for a lawyer to hire, I hope you listen to my advice and hire Joel! Nathan Swanson, thank you for all your help as well!"

Nick Lauman

★★★★★ (January 30)
"the best there is,the best there was&the best there ever will be"

Aaron Fields

★★★★★ (November 6, 2018)
"Extremely effective and effective. Very straightforward and I was continually updated concerning the Status of my case. Provided a very clear and detailed opinion of my options and gave me a tremendous amount of information and support. I highly recommend Matt Fry and team to handle your legal issues."

Christopher Pyszka

★★★★★ (July 2, 2016)
"Absolutely the BEST! Scott worked with me a few years back. He is an absolute stud. He is so familiar with the legal system and he will walk you through every problem that you might come upon, even before it happens. There are no suprised here, you will recieve the best representation you can find. I wouldn't choose anyone else. Thank you Scott!"

Bradley Kassabaum

★★★★★ (January 26, 2017)
"I had Scott work on a case for me, and I can tell you from the beginning I had nothing to worry about. Very professional, and very easy to work with. I recommend him to anyone I know looking for a defense attorney in the Midwest. He truly is one of a kind. Scott Rosenblum is the G.O.A.T. when it comes to attorneys."

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Lawyers Reviews

N. Scott Rosenblum

★★★★★ (February 06, 2019)
"At the age of 27 I was charged with first degree murder after defending myself and my children against my abusive husband. The detective's and prosecuting attorney's sole concern was to obtain a conviction; justice was never an option in my case until Scott Rosenblum and TJ Hunsaker came onto my case. They gave me my life back; they gave my two daughters their mommy back. Without Scott and TJ, an innocent justified woman would be sitting in prison for life without parole."

N. Scott Rosenblum

★★★★★ (December 15, 2017)
"Scott, TJ, and Joel defended me when I was facing a first degree murder charge, they proved my innocence and helped me gain my freedom back. They are very professional and detail oriented individuals who were available for both myself and my family throughout the entire process. I can't thank them enough for all of their hard work, hands down the best defense lawyers around."

Gregory Nat Wittner

★★★★★ (February 04, 2012)
"Excellent firm, and he is exceptional."

N. Scott Rosenblum

★★★★★ (January 08, 2011)
"Scott Rosenblum took the Bull by the horns as I would say and always made me feel that I had a Lawyer who had our backs and gave me hope in a awful situation and that's what a person needs when the stress is so high. Their were times I left his office wondering but on the way home I figured it out, he was double checking me for his defense and that's is exactly what a client needs, he knows his case in and out when the courtroom doors open. I can't say enough for Scott Rosenblum, God Bless him"

N. Scott Rosenblum

★★★★★ (October 31, 2010)
"Adam Fain in office handled criminal case for my son, I was more than satisfied with Adam. He is a very intelligent, aggressive Attorney who is compassionate and accessible as well."

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