Keeping Score

What do you know about a person transporting $78,000 in their carryon bag?

Absolutely nothing.

You might suspect a whole lot, but you don’t know a single thing.

That does not stop the stalwarts of the TSA, however.  When they see a passenger carrying a large amount of cash, they leap into action.  And post pictures to the internet.

Fly safe, citizens.

Seriously though.  Whatever you might suspect about the gentleman or lady who decides to lug around dollars by the pound, you don’t know anything about them.  You don’t know that they have committed a crime.  It is perfectly legal to carry around bundles of money.  Maybe he don’t trust banks.  Maybe she’s on her way to Vegas.  Maybe he is slowly filling a swimming pool for those Scrooge McDuck fantasies.  And yes, maybe she is involved in something nefarious.  But the point is, the presence of the case is proof of absolutely nothing.

The TSA admitted that cash, even large amounts, is not on the "prohibited items" list, and at first said that the cash wasn’t seized.  Except that was a lie, the TSA mouthpiece said the item was turned over to law enforcement.  Which means that the TSA took the person’s money, with no reason, gave it law enforcement, and bragged about it.

So for those of you keeping score, it is "Law Abiding Passenger: 0. TSA: 48,000."