Internet-Related Sex Crimes: Juveniles Can Be Unwary

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On behalf of Rosenblum Schwartz & Fry posted in Sex Crimes on Wednesday, April 26, 2017.

We are both succinct and upfront on a relevant page of our website referring to Missouri sex-focused offenses at the St. Louis criminal defense firm of Rosenblum Fry, noting that, “The stigma and criminal penalties associated with a sex crime conviction are significant.”

And that can often seem to be true in a comparatively outsized way for juveniles and other young offenders, who sometimes appear to have been clearly in the dark regarding the downside consequences of their conduct in a specific instance. Moreover (and especially as regards unlawful sexual activity), adolescents — and even individuals who have just passed the teen years and are in the workplace or in school — frequently tell law enforcers and defense attorneys that they didn’t even know that behavior they engaged in violated any law.

That uncertainty and ambiguity can seem especially pronounced these days concerning conduct that is focused on image taking and downloading via various Internet applications. Those conduits are many and progressively growing, and the youthful audience they appeal to is of an astounding magnitude.

That all-encompassing nature makes for busy criminal investigators and law enforcers, resulting in the ensnaring of young people involved in photo taking and dissemination that brings criminal charges of so-called “revenge porn,” stalking, harassment and even domestic violence.

In some cases, of course, a charged individual had a clear intent to act willfully and with knowledge that his or her action was unlawful.

In legions of other cases, though, evidence indicates that an alleged wrongdoer was flatly ignorant that a particular Internet use was objectionable in any manner.

Modern mobile technology has created both new and exciting opportunities for consumers and potential challenges concerning their conduct.

Any individual with questions or concerns regarding alleged criminal conduct via online platforms might reasonably want to contact experienced defense counsel without delay for guidance and diligent representation.