New MO Federal Attorney Spotlights Sharp Prosecutorial Focus

In Violent Crimes by RSF

On behalf of Rosenblum Schwartz & Fry posted in Violent Crimes on Tuesday, August 14, 2018.

Missouri has always been a state where alleged criminal activity is relentlessly probed and harshly prosecuted.

And that is hardly about to change under the helm of Timothy A. Garrison, the recently appointed U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Missouri.

Criminal suspects in Missouri have always had an urgent need for quality defense representation when they face the resolve and resources of state and federal authorities. Comments offered by Garrison in the wake of his appointment as one of the country’s 93 federal prosecutors indicate that a dire reliance on experienced counsel is hardly about to change.

Two stated areas of focus and concern for Garrison and his prosecutorial team are spheres where criminal suspects and defendants have always faced strong scrutiny and stringent outcomes.

“The persistent problem we’re having right now,” Garrison told reporters recently,” “is an increase in violent crime and an increase in drug trafficking.”

That message is essentially a “forewarned is forearmed” communication to individuals who are targeted by task forces for criminal wrongdoing in those realms.

A key point to note is that prosecutors will closely consider whether to charge given behavior as a federal or a state crime, respectively. Garrison notes his preference to bring federal charges when possible. He states that they often yield a far greater “mandatory minimum” penalty than what is allowed for under state law and are more exacting in other ways, as well.

An individual arrested or charged with a crime in Missouri might reasonably want to secure the timely help of an experienced St. Louis criminal defense law firm (especially one with demonstrated acumen in both state and federal courts).

Criminal authorities command seemingly inexhaustible resources that they readily bring to bear in crime-related investigations. A criminal suspect has the legal right to respond to such power by enlisting the help of proven legal counsel.