Defending Against Criminal Mail And Wire Fraud Charges

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Mail & Wire Fraud
Bank & Securities Fraud

Criminal charges including conspiracy, drug trafficking or other crimes that involve an alleged criminal enterprise often also include allegations of using the mail service, internet, phones and other mail and wire or electronic devices and services to carry out illegal activities. Mail and wire fraud, therefore, is a common "add-on" to other criminal charges.

Despite being categorized as add-on criminal charges, mail and wire fraud and bank and securities fraud convictions can carry serious punishments. If federal authorities indicate that they are investigating you or your business in relation to possible fraud charges and ask for your cooperation, it's important to immediately seek qualified legal help.

Understand And Defend Your Rights

Have you been accused of talking on the phone about an illegal drug transaction? Did you mail a payment related to a drug deal? Have you been charged with mailing a falsified insurance claim?

The criminal defense attorneys of Rosenblum Schwartz & Fry, have successfully defended against hundreds of federal fraud cases many of which involved charges of mail and wire fraud. Our firm's founding partner N. Scott Rosenblum has defended the rights of individuals facing criminal charges in more than 400 criminal jury trials and frequently appears on national news programs including "CNN" and "60 Minutes." Additionally, attorney Rosenblum's list of professional accolades includes his induction into The International Academy of Trial Lawyers and being named St. Louis' 2017 "Lawyer of the Year" by Best Lawyers for Criminal Defense.

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