2019 Brings Strong National Focus On Gun Law Updates, Restrictions

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Although partisanship and a general unwillingness to cooperate across political lines certainly contributes to slowed American progress along many fronts, gun-law adjustments appear to be a marked exception.

That might reasonably surprise many people, given ultra-strong positions that have emerged as polar opposites in the right-to-bear-arms debate that has prominently raged in recent years.

Notwithstanding extreme views that mark the outer limits of discourse, middle ground that promotes legislative change has unquestionably appeared in states all across the country.

A recent national media piece on material gun-linked changes slated for 2019 spotlights that growing bipartisan cooperation allowing for adjustments. It notes that “a wave of gun control activism surged across the U.S. in 2018.”

A perusal of now on-the-books laws from all pockets of the country renders that assertion a marked understatement. CBS News notes “sweeping new gun laws” that have dramatically changed the political, social and legal landscapes in states spanning the nation.

California, for example, has ushered in multiple enactments effective in 2019 that materially alter gun laws in that state (raised minimum age for buying rifles; lifetime gun ownership ban for some domestic abuse offenders; tougher gun-buying restrictions in select cases of mental instability). An expanded group of people can now request emergency orders in Illinois to bar alleged threatening individuals from possessing guns. Legislators in many other states have also proposed or enacted laws that change long-held status-quo rules and policies in their jurisdictions in a big way.

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