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While Missouri's gun laws serve to protect residents' rights with regard to owning and carrying a weapon, there are still many restrictions, and individuals who are believed to violate these laws and restrictions can end up facing misdemeanor or felony weapons charges.

In Missouri, certain individuals are banned from purchasing or being in possession of a firearm. For example if you were previously convicted of a felony crime or have more than one drunk driving conviction, you cannot legally purchase or be in the possession of a gun. Penalties associated with weapons violations vary significantly and may include misdemeanor charges and fines to a felony conviction and time in prison.

In addition to weapons charges being filed against certain restricted parties, criminal charges may also stem from the following offenses:

  • Carry and conceal violations
  • Theft crimes involving a firearm
  • Unlawful use of a weapon
  • Unlawful transfer of a weapon

When Weapons Charges Are Filed In Federal Court

In some felony cases, weapons charges may be filed in federal court. These types of cases often involve the alleged trafficking of firearms or violent crimes that involve the use of a firearm. Like all federal criminal charges, those related to weapons violations carry hefty penalties including sizable fines and lengthy prison sentences.

If necessary, our attorneys don't shy away from taking a case to trial. We have defended numerous cases in federal court and are very familiar with federal sentencing guidelines.

If you are facing criminal charges related to a weapons offense, call a criminal defense lawyer at our St. Louis law firm today at 314-862-4332. You can also reach out to us online through our contact form. All initial consultations are free, and we accept credit cards.