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Assault and battery charges can arise from a broad range of incidents that are often exceedingly complex. From domestic violence between two well-acquainted people to shooting, punching and stabbing incidents in alleyways and bars. Regardless of the circumstances of your assault and battery charges, the accomplished criminal defense attorneys at Rosenblum Schwartz & Fry, can provide effective and aggressive legal assistance.

We have handled cases for a diverse spectrum of clients, including nationally famous sports figures and other high-profile individuals and cases including:

  • We defended a local professional accused of assaulting a prospective employee. We successfully demonstrated to the jury that the accuser's hysterical voice-recorded accusations were inconsistent with other facts of the case.
  • We defended an individual whose punch in a bar fist fight led to a fatality. We successfully argued that our client made the fatal punch in self-defense.
  • We defended former Rams team member Marshall Faulk in a battery case filed by his ex-fiancée in which she demanded $3 million. Our representation resulted in a dismissal of the case and in the plaintiff being ordered to pay Mr. Faulk the claim money.

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Assault and battery charges are serious, and if you are facing these types of criminal charges you need a strong legal advocate on your side. Often assault and battery charge cases are allegations of flaring tempers, mistaken identities and claims of self-defense. To develop a strong defense strategy, our attorneys fully investigate your case and draw on our extensive experience. To schedule a no-charge consultation with a firm that has handled more than 400 jury trials, call us at 314-862-4332 or contact us online.