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Murder is among the most serious of all criminal charges, and, for those facing murder charges, the risks of a long-term prison sentence and even capital punishment are real. Consequently, many criminal defense law firms are reluctant to defend clients who are facing murder and homicide charges and those that do, are likely to have handled just a few cases.

At Rosenblum Schwartz & Fry, founding partner and lead attorney N. Scott Rosenblum has defended against murder charges in approximately 100 cases and achieved favorable outcomes for numerous clients including acquittals or reduced charges.

Defending Your Rights When The Stakes Are The Highest

Our past successes in defending against some of the most serious criminal charges include a case in which our client was accused of committing a murder. Three primary issues made his case challenging:

  • He was found in possession of the firearm used in murder
  • Two eyewitnesses claimed that he committed the murder
  • Our client confessed to the murder on videotape

During trial, our client relayed that he confessed to committing the criminal act while under pressure. Subsequently, the two witnesses accused each other of committing the murder and admitted to handing our client the murder weapon. The result of our representation was a full acquittal.

In another case, our client was accused of fatally shooting someone in the base of the skull. At trial we claimed that the death was a result of self-defense and proved that our client shot first as the deceased reached for a gun. The jury acquitted our client in 20 minutes. In another case, five eyewitnesses claimed that our client fatally stabbed someone. However, each witness changed his or her story. By establishing reasonable doubt, our client was acquitted.

Our past experiences and successes uniquely qualify us to represent clients who are facing even the most serious criminal charges including murder. Call our St. Louis law office at 314-862-4332 or contact a lawyer through our online contact form. All initial consultations are free, and we accept credit card payments.