Drug-Crimes Representation: Singular Realm Where Experience Counts

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On behalf of Rosenblum Schwartz & Fry posted in Drug Crimes on Thursday, February 16, 2017.

Many readers of our criminal defense blog at the St. Louis law firm of Rosenblum Fry, P.C., have doubtless heard of The War on Crime and its attendant War on Drugs.

Those initiatives — fervor-laden campaigns, if you will — were spawned in bygone decades when politicians both locally and across the country curried favor by espousing hard-line views regarding convicted criminal offenders.

As a result of giving those views legislative teeth, sentencing outcomes for many individuals became harsh and, in some instances, draconian. The severe and uncompromising policies of yesteryear yielded lengthy incarceration periods in state and federal prisons for even persons who many people reasonably believe warranted far more lenient outcomes.

And that is still the case in many instances in Missouri and nationally, notwithstanding the reform tailwinds currently on display in legislatures across the country. Even as bipartisan support notably increases for various sentencing reforms, many defendants continue to suffer from markedly stringent sentencing pronouncements.

What especially frustrates and concerns many commentators on criminal reform is that a disproportionate number of harshly sentenced defendants are first-time drug offenders without any history of violence or prior criminal convictions.

That is routinely unfair, and patently so, and our deep legal team at Rosenblum Fry proudly takes on the role of providing those individuals — and all other persons in St. Louis and across Missouri who face drug charges — with proven and aggressive defense representation when they face the plenary powers of the state in drug-crimes cases.

Every individual targeted as a criminal suspect in a drug case has the right to be presumed innocent unless proven guilty, along with a tandem constitutional right to secure legal counsel.

Our attorneys seek to obtain a best-case outcome in every drug-related matter we focus upon through fully promoting our clients’ rights and making state or federal officials prove every element of their case.

That is the role of proven defense counsel, and we proudly assume it in every case.