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Criminal charges related to the possession of child pornography are frequently filed at the federal level and should be taken very seriously. With the proliferation of computers and flash drives, file-sharing programs and inconspicuous website links and folders, it's possible to unknowingly download and even share files and images containing child pornography.

In addition to the harm caused to your reputation, professional aspirations and personal relationships, a criminal conviction for child pornography charges carries stiff penalties including time in prison and registration as a sex offender.

At Rosenblum Schwartz & Fry, we are well-versed in all federal criminal matters including charges related to the possession and dissemination of child pornography. Our thorough approach and reputation for never backing down and always acting in our clients' best interest provide us an edge when negotiating favorable deals for clients. Additionally, our attorneys have tried hundreds of cases, and we prepare every case as though we're headed to trial and don't hesitate if we determine that doing so is in your best interest.

What You Need To Know About Child Pornography Charges

If federal agents pay you a visit at home or work and seize your computer equipment, cooperate and do not say anything. While it can be tempting to proclaim your innocence and deny any wrongdoing, anything and everything that you say and do is being closely scrutinized and can easily be misinterpreted and used against you by prosecutors. It's in your best interest, therefore, to cooperate and call us as soon as possible.

Our attorneys will immediately start investigating and working to refute the charges against you. Questions that must be asked, examined and answered in child pornography cases include:

  • Did someone else use your computer to download or share the files in question?
  • Did you intend to download or share the files?
  • Were you aware of the contents of the files?
  • Did you know that the files contained images of minors?

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