Avoid The Hefty Penalties Of A Federal Drug Conviction

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While all drug charges are serious, those that are filed by the federal government are especially grievous. When you face a federal drug crime charge, you face federal prosecutors with vast resources at their disposal, and many criminal defense attorneys lack legal experience and knowledge at the federal level.

The attorneys at Rosenblum Schwartz & Fry, have handled hundreds of drug crime cases and possess decades of experience working with federal drug crime sentencing guidelines. We have a reputation with federal agencies for being experienced courtroom litigator, and federal prosecutors know that when they refuse to make a favorable offer to our client, we will immediately begin to prepare for trial and won't hesitate to bring a case before a jury.

Facing Federal Drug Charges? — We Can Help

Drug crimes are often leveled by the federal government in cases involving illegal drugs such as cocaine, heroine, methamphetamines and prescription drugs where:

  • There is a large amount of drugs in question
  • The defendant has a history of drug charges
  • The defendant is an alleged member of a complex drug distribution organization
  • Drugs are transported across state or international borders

By arguing to suppress challenges, negotiating for sentencing reductions and employing other defense tactics, we have achieved favorable outcomes for clients facing criminal charges including drug conspiracy, drug possession with intent to distribute and drug distribution.

If you are found guilty of a federal drug charge, you are going to prison. It's crucial, therefore, to consult with a seasoned defense attorney who understands how federal drug cases must be approached and handled. To schedule a no-charge consultation with an attorney at our firm call 314-862-4332 or submit an inquiry through our online contact form. Our attorneys are available for evening and weekend appointments, and we accept credit cards.